Vanquishing Fears

This is something that I had to contend with when I was a little kid and now I am dealing with it in my own children, all of whom are under the age of five and all happen to have fear of the dark. I am searching for the best ways to help them get over this fear and I am now listening to the advice of my friends and family members that have had to address this issue with their own children. They have been great with all of the advice that they have given me, and what I hope to do is share the best information with others so they can use it to help their own kids in the future.

kid covered in blanket afraid of the dark

According to many studies that have been conducted over the years, it is quite common for kids under a certain age to be afraid of the dark, as it typically starts showing up when they are still toddlers. Once the cognitive abilities of children begin to expand so does their ability to imagine things, and for many kids, there are fears that never completely go away. There are many kids that get more affected by their fear of the dark than others, with children that have more anxious personalities most likely to be fearful once the lights go out or darkness approaches. I have read about some scared kids following their parents from one room to the next and some that even refuse to go in any room unless the lights are on – sometimes it doesn’t even have to be dark outside! My cousins have told me how bedtime has turned into a nightmare for them because their kids are constantly waking them up at all hours of the night to check on them and calm them down after they have a bad dream.

I would opine that there is no exact time to teach your children to overcome their fears as they are all different. You will know when the time is right for your child. I have even begun teaching small toddlers how to get over their fear of the dark. If they are armed with some techniques to battle their fears, it will help them out in other areas of their lives when it comes to facing challenges. These tips can help them out later in life if they have to battle anxiety.

daddy hugging her daughter

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you never discount the fears of your children. Instead, you attempt to validate their fears of the dark as this has proven to be the best approach to help them get over it. That means not telling kids that they are fine with the situation when you can see that they are not. Try to place yourselves in their shoes and then find a better response for them as kids are naturally curious and are looking to us to placate their fears. I tell my children all the time that they are only scared when the lights go out because they cannot see every single corner and they are letting their imaginations get the best of them. But I say this in a special way so that they are not embarrassed or fearful of expressing their feelings.

Just Enjoy It

I make no bones about my love for coffee and as a proud caffeinated mom I simply will not have it any other way. I am one of those people that cannot go without their coffee and now that I have scientific reports backing up my stance that coffee is good for you, I intend to let everyone I know be aware of these latest findings. Now I don’t have to feel bad about my preference for espresso in the afternoon. I have always known how great the additional boost you get from espresso is, and now that I have more information on the benefits, I want to share them with others so they can see that there are many advantages to be gained from having a cup a day, and some of them might surprise you a bit.

For one thing, a bit of coffee in the morning just keeps you going and helps make the early mornings not so bad. This is one of the primary benefits for me, even though I now know there are many more that are worthy of mentioning. After reading this list, you never have to wonder again about how good coffee may or may not be for you. Now you know just how good it is for our health!

Enhancing Memory

hot coffee on a cup with coffee beans

Just by drinking the proper amounts of caffeine can help to improve long-term memory according to many studies that have been done on the subject. There have been findings that show that just two espresso can enhance memory consolidation. If you want to maximize these findings, it is important to stick to the recommended amounts and you should be just fine.

Increases Attention

Have just a single shot of your favorite espresso, and you will notice that fatigue is no longer an issue and what also happens is that you are better able to pay attention because of your body’s elevated dopamine production at this time. These are short-term effects, of course, and too much coffee can make you a bit jittery, but in the right amounts, coffee can really help out.

Helps in Weight Loss

making espresso

What many people love about espressos is that they are low in caloric content as they only have about three calories for every ounce – that is if you are not adding anything like cream or sugar to the cup. But even better than tasting good and being low in calories is the fact that a cup can help you while you are exercising. According to many published reports, caffeine has been shown to aid workouts by making them less strenuous. Whenever I work out in the mornings, I like to have a cup right before my aerobics routines and it definitely helps to keep my energy levels up for the next hour. Who doesn’t need a bit of a jolt sometimes in the mornings? And now that you know the benefits of drinking caffeine, you won’t have to feel bad about that cup in the mornings.