Some people, no matter how motivated or dedicated they start out on a new exercise, best weight loss pills for men and diet program just lose focus and fall short of their goals.  I’ve listed some easy ways to flood yourself with healthy, motivational stimuli to help you maintain your dedication.  Maybe, if you follow these tips, you’ll never again say “I can’t lose weight”

∙ Take a ‘Fat’ photo of yourself and put it up where you’ll see it everyday. The front of the refrigerator is great. You’re going to use this picture daily to stay motivated to lose weight. Remember, quick ways to lose weight are usually not the healthiest.

∙ Set realistic goals for yourself. Set long term and weekly goals. They don’t have to be too specific, something simple like; ‘lose weight this week’ or ‘bench press 5 more pounds this week’ Don’t try to lose weight quick, do it the healthy way.

∙ Reward yourself for attaining your weekly goals. Treat yourself to a night out or even some shopping. Treat yourself, but remember these tips to lose weight and don’t go overboard.

∙ Associate with fit and healthy people, their habits will rub off on you. Maybe they have some lose weight tips for you, just ask!

∙ Join an online fitness community, even better one with online goal and results tracking. Get more motivation and more weight loss tips here.

∙ Treat yourself to a cheat meal every week and look closely at the people who eat that kind of stuff daily.

∙ Buy yourself a healthy eating cookbook and try one new recipe each week. Most of these books are full of healthy meal ideas and motivational tips.

∙ Donate your fat clothes to the Salvation Army or other charity when they get too big to wear. Nothing is more motivational than having no ‘fat’ clothes to wear if you give up.

∙ Keep a diet and exercise log. You’ll be able to track your progress and make changes in your diet or exercise routines if you fail to get results that week.

∙ Take bi-weekly pictures of yourself and put it next to your original fat picture so you can see your progress.

∙ If you ever lose your motivation go take a look at your fat picture.

Good luck with your weight loss goals, and never again say to yourself “I can’t lose weight”.  Maintain your focus and you will lose weight.