As a medium to get closer to the truth, Tarot cards have always managed to gain people’s attention. With numerous aspects being associated with the same, one might not be aware of what to believe and what not to believe. For that very purpose, we are here with a few thighs that you need to know about Tarot. So if you’re not aware of how to play the game or even not aware of it at all, then go ahead to learn more from the following.

Tarot Tips


In order to quote tradition, one needs to know that the 78-card deck is represented by two major groups, i.e. 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana cards. While the latter represents karma in life and various spiritual lesions that cross our paths, the former tends to reflect life’s daily trials and tribulations and ways to navigate with grace and ease. Understanding the importance and significance of both these groups is quite essential towards achieving the objective of the matter.

But those are not the only set of things that you need to know about the process as we also have the oracle decks. They are considered to be lawless leaders of division tools and can move ahead to be whatever they want to be. As a result, oracle cards are used to break patterns and inspire intentional change.

The Process

To understand the magic within the process, one needs to look within themselves because that is where the magic, as the cards are just meant to converse with your higher self. Moreover, Tarot is all about intuition or a way to be quiet with the mind. By doing so, the princess encourages you to seek your soul and speak confidently through the heart. Although we receive a number of messages from the spirit, universe and so on, understanding them or tuning in to the same might be a hard process.

Due to that, experts rely on either pulling out a card or creating a whole new spread. With that, they believe in attaining a new path or a way through which they can process all that they need to process.


Using Tarot

When it comes to using Tarot, we are left with a new set of events that are mostly dependent on yourself. While different tried and tested methods are readily available, it often depends upon you to obtain insights and understand things comfortably. So unless and until you are ready, moving ahead to play tarots will not be of any use. Hence, look through your heart, recall the entire process and then move forward to make the decision that matters the most to you.